Blessing Ceremonies

Three generations of women connecting through ceremony, tears, and laughter.

Three generations of women connecting through ceremony, tears, and laughter.

“This is the purpose of creative ritual – increasing balance in connection with in ourselves, with each other, the world, and with the larger rhythms and energies that bring stability and light to our lives.” -Renee Beck and Sydney Metrick, The Art of Ritual

Rites of passage are a murky topic in Western societies - disconnected from the natural transitions of our bodies, vital knowledge is lost over generations. The goal of a Blessing Ceremony is to connect to the beauty of timeless wisdom just at the moments we need it most, to circle our village around us, and celebrate life. 

I currently offer three ceremonies: First Blood Blessing (sometimes called Moon Maiden Ceremony, to celebrate menarche, or first moon blood), Mother Blessing (or Parent Blessing, an amazing alternative or addition to a baby shower, often done in the 8th month), and Wise Woman Blessing (Also known as Crone Blessing, done at the start, completion, or during menopause).

My fee for conducting Blessing Ceremonies is usually $275 (less for Birth/Postpartum clients), but total pricing varies widely based on materials and time needed, so please inquire directly for more information.

Henna and Belly Casting can be a part of these ceremonies, or you can purchase a henna or belly casting session with me a la carte - email or call me for pricing! 

If there is another Milestone you would like to commemorate, please reach out to me and we can craft a meaningful ritual together. 

Holistic Sex Education + Natural Family Planning

Education is preventative care, and knowledge about sex and the menstrual cycle specifically can offer people with and without uteruses priceless information about their health. It can be difficult to decipher the signs and messages your body is trying to send you - together, we can troubleshoot issues you might be experiencing, or just enjoy the process of understanding the workings of the human body.

I am available for a free consult in person or by phone, skype, or email to discuss the topic(s) you'd like to cover in either an individual or group setting. We can decide together the number of sessions you would benefit from, and discuss pricing from there. 

In addition to 10+ years of experience in early childhood education, I have also taught sex/body positive health and education classes to elementary and middle school age students, classes for adults about the menstrual cycle as an insight into health, and I offer individual parent/child sex ed classes as well. I love normalizing conversations about menstruation, cycle charting, fertility awareness, and sex. 

Infant Massage


Infant massage can promote sensory integration, deepen bonding, and even alleviate persistent issues that bug babies, such as rashes, growing pains, digestive complaints, and sleep troubles. Experience a soothing session with me in your home or at another site if you prefer - these are teaching as well as observing sessions for care givers, so feel free to take photo and/or video to remind yourself of techniques later. I use topical-grade natural oils that benefit baby's skin system, and I explain as I go along. We can target certain issues or go over a whole body routine. Recommended for 0-6 months, but reach out to me with any inquiries or questions. 

$65 for a one-on-one 1 hour session, or host an infant massage group session for 2-5 little ones for $100/hour