The care that doulas offer is as individual as the doula. When people ask me what I specifically do, I say something along these lines: I help families prepare for childbirth mentally, emotionally, and physically, by offering them lots of information, practicing techniques for relaxation and comfort, and talking through any hangups or worries. I support them in labor in the same way, helping them make informed decisions, bringing physical comfort measures like touch, aromatherapy, and rebozo, and by holding space for them to experience the range of emotions birth can unearth. 

Receiving care from me begins with a free consultation to get to know each other, ask questions, and help decide if I am the right option for your labor support.

Once we decide to work together, we will go through an intake process, sign a contract, and form a plan for our 2-3 prenatal appointments. This could include:

  • Crafting your birth preferences

  • Creating birth art & visual affirmations

  • Practicing therapeutic techniques such as rebozo and counter pressure together and with your partner

  • Blending aromatherapy for your prenatal and birth needs

  • Connecting you to prenatal and postpartum resources

  • Discussing questions, fears, and other relevant topics

  • Accompanying you to an appointment to meet your care provider

  • Preparing for breastfeeding success and discussing postpartum recovery


Upon hiring, I offer continuous responsive communication to you via email, text, and phone call. From 2 weeks before your guess date until 2 weeks after, I will be on call for you physically. I will also be in contact via informational articles and community resources I will send your way from day one to ensure you have a sense of support and community. 

I will be with you during labor from the moment you decide you need me until 2 hours after baby arrives, or successful breastfeeding is established, unless otherwise agreed upon. I will bring my bag full of tools (comfort measures and other items we will discuss at your prenatal appointments) to help you feel comfortable, cared for, and safe to birth. 

We will have at least one postpartum appointment to hang out, recount the birth experience, discuss further care, connect you with any necessary resources, and go over the written account I will create of your birth experience.

I feel strongly that my services should be available to anyone who feels I am a good fit for them, and I do my best not to turn clients away for financial need.

I use a sliding fee scale of $900-$1850 based on each client's ability (you decide what you can pay), which includes a retainer of $250 paid at our first visit (after the initial free consultation), and the balance on a timeline we'll create together and agree on at our first visit.

I also offer flexible payment plans and barter options. Please contact me if you would like my services but are wondering if you can make it work financially.