With all of the attention and intention focused towards your birthing time, it's important to remember what comes after - you and your baby, transitioning from being one person to two. As you may have for birth, set aside time and resources to mastermind your transition to parenthood with a compassionate professional who can offer common sense and advice, not judgement.


I bring to the table many skills that help in this time: a steady, calm presence, breastfeeding knowledge, a background in effective communication, an education in child development, baby/child CPR, and First Aid, a wealth of holistic health information, and a lending library of related books.  

Additionally, as your postpartum doula, you can count on me to: 

  • be in tune with you and your baby (and your partner/other children if applicable)

  • be reachable by phone/email for random questions and support

  • aid your body in healing through various modalities

  • support your breastfeeding relationship

  • help what can feel like a chaotic time feel calmer

  • be knowlegable about local practitioners and resources

  • help your and your partner identify warning signs for perinatal mood disorders

  • help you practice skills and gain confidence as a new parent

  • share techniques for infant massage and babywearing

  • take care of housework and other random tasks to help free up time for you to bond and rest

  • prepare nutritious and healing foods and herbal infusions

A retainer of $200 ($100 for birth doula clients) allows me to block time on my calendar, stock supplies you may need, and meet at least once before you give birth to plan for a postpartum time where you feel nurtured and supported, not isolated and depleted. 

You notify me when you've given birth, and we plan my hours with you based on your needs - a minimum of 2 hours per visit is required, time of day is flexible based on your need and my availability, and you can feel free to see me as far after your birth as you need, usually ceasing care by 2-3 months postpartum. My hourly rate is $30, but if this cost is prohibitive and you feel that you would benefit from my services, please reach out to me - I offer flexible payment plans and partial trade/barter, as well as reduced rates for true need

I do have gift certificates available for purchase, and my services make a lovely baby shower gift - you can make inquiries using the contact form on my About Me page.